Long Road to Miss Metro Cruise Finals

The Miss Metro Cruise contest is amongst one of the many, FUN, family favorites that the community looks forward to annually at the 28th Street Metro Cruise. This annual event kicks off in July during the second Metro Cruise event each year The Metro Cruise Car Show & Preliminary Contest. The preliminary round narrows down to the Top 10 finalists who advance to the Main Stage on the final day of The 28th Street Metro Cruise. Some ladies come from far and wide to enter into this fun pageant-style event in hopes to be named Miss Metro Cruise!

This year, one of our Miss Metro Cruise finalist Stephany Petsch, better known as Evie Doesit, joined us all the way from Brooklyn, MI to make a debut in her second ever pinup era contest. The Miss Metro Cruise contest “is a fun way to commemorate the men and women from the 1950s era, it keeps the memory of grandma’s and grandpa’s, great aunts and uncles alive,” mentioned Evie, “I love to travel and I love vintage, so what better combination?” So she decided to register for the contest! On the morning of prelims, Evie set out on her 2-hour drive and five minutes from arrival, she heard a snap under the hood. She pulled into the Moose Lodge parking lot and a wonderful man named Wayne took her to the auto mechanics in his Black 1957 Chevy Belair! Later that day, Evie went on to advance to the Metro Cruise finals.

Evie shared a bit of advice to those considering entering into the contest next year: “The best advise I can give is completely be yourself! Use who you are to your advantage, as crazy as that sounds. If you are outdoorsy, use that as your theme to represent who you are! If you love mechanics, a greaser look it is!”

You can see all 10 of the finalists by visiting: Meet our Top 10 Finalists and be sure to watch them take the Main Stage at Rogers Plaza on Saturday, August 25th at 2:00 pm.

Check the Metro Cruise website regularly for information on how to register for next year’s competition.