Meet John M. Leese with GRNCDA & Harvey Automotive

Grand Rapids New Car Dealership Association (GRNCDA) Board Member and Harvey Automotive President, John M. Leese, shared their involvement with the 2018 Metro Cruise in an interview with Jessica Ann Tyson.

GRNCDA’s involvement in the cruise feels natural since each of the members are not only in the business but also are car enthusiasts. Leese, like many of the local dealers personally collect and own several classic cars. John sports a few vintage cars like a 1961 Cadillac in Fontana Rose and a 1946 Cadillac Torpedo Coupe.

For example, Harvey Automotive will showcase multiple car clubs with up to 90 classic vehicles in attendance. Their front lot will be completely dedicated to vintage cars because, like Leese states, “Metro Cruise is where cars are the stars”.

Every individual car comes with a memory and story attached. John mentions that these stories are always amplified during the Metro Cruise when people see a car and remember their history with it.

The 28th Street Metro Cruise is not only a fun event for all ages, but it shows off our great city so well. The Cruise benefits businesses along the span of 28th Street, in addition to the entire city of Grand Rapids. Stores and restaurants see an increase in business during this special weekend. The event brings so many people into the city to gather around a common love for the automobile.

“Since many of our dealers host cars clubs for the 28th Street Metro Cruise, they are the only days you see people literally walk across 28th Street to see the special cars”, said Leese.

Be sure to look out for the classic cars coming to the 2018 Metro Cruise. A special thanks to Mr. John M. Leese, our featured guest, and The Grand Rapids New Car Dealers Association for their support and involvement, for the 14th consecutive year, with the 28th Street Metro Cruise.